Two-day tour
This route will appeal primarily to nature lovers and adventure seekers; it is an amazing opportunity to be in untouched mountainous areas. You will get acquainted with the region of Khevsureti and the world of the Greater Caucasus Mountains in northern Georgia, which few tourists visit. The jeep tour route will pass along the Georgian Military Road, the eastern shore of the Zhinvali Reservoir, and further northeast into the mountains on a dirt road. The ascent to the village of Roshka is an adrenaline-fueled serpentine road through a deep gorge, where we will cover approximately 7 km of road in about an hour (the road is open from June to early November). The entire journey will take approximately 4 hours, and it will be an exciting adventure with a stunning reward waiting for you after all the road challenges. Roshka is located at an altitude of 2000m, and it is an authentic Khevsur village where about 12 families live in the summer, while most of the residents descend to the plain in winter. The village is situated in the most picturesque location in the valley of pristine natural beauty and mythical huge stones left behind by an ancient glacier. On the horizon above the village, there is the rocky Chaukhi massif.
Interested individuals can enjoy a horse ride on a genuine Hevsur horse. In Roshka, there will be a break for rest and an overnight stay in a guesthouse run by a hospitable Hevsur family. A delicious dinner, exciting stories about the centuries-old traditions of the Hevsurs, and a Georgian cuisine masterclass await. The real highlight will be witnessing the sunrise on the guesthouse terrace. The morning mist will descend into the valley, creating the impression that you are sitting above the clouds. These amazing moments will give you a sense of unity with the mountains, clouds, and the rising sun.
The climax of the day will be a trek to the Abudelauri colorful lakes - three high mountain glacial lakes located on the southern slope of the Tushetian-Hevsurian part of the Caucasus mountain range. The lakes get their name from the Abudelauri glacier, where the mountain river Abudelauri originates. The epithet "colorful" comes from the water's color in the lakes. The route to the lakes from Roshka involves constant ascent and is approximately 6 km one way. No special physical preparation is required, but comfortable shoes are mandatory.
The trail runs through blooming high alpine meadows along the crystal-clear Abudelauri river in the valley, drowning in a palette of various shades of green with bright spots of blooming rhododendrons against the backdrop of snow-white mountain peaks and a fairy-tale mosaic of mysterious boulders. These millennia-old stones enchant and excite the imagination, making ancient legends come to life against the magnificent natural scenery. Along the way, we will admire breathtaking views, feel the untouched nature and the intoxicating freedom of the Khevsur landscapes; here there will be spaciousness, silence, peace, and you.
Finding the hidden lakes among the rocky hills and alpine meadows is not that easy, but we will reach our goal, and the delight from the seen wonders of nature will be boundless. The first on our way will be the Green Lake - the shallowest and smallest of the three lakes. Then we descend to the Blue Lake, surrounded by rhododendron thickets, and in clear weather, a fantastic reflection awaits us in the dark-blue mirror of the lake of the Chaukhi massif, the glacier, and enchanting clouds. The highest, largest, and deepest is the White Lake, located at an altitude of 2812m, the color of the water resembles milk due to glacial formations. The lakes are located 1.5 km apart from each other.
The seen beauty will seem like a fairy tale, the mind will refuse to believe in the reality of the landscapes that appear before the eyes, it will be necessary to just relax and enjoy the beauty of the mountain landscapes around you.