A hike in Juta Gorge is a unique opportunity to experience the awe-inspiring natural beauty and connect with nature. Our jeep tour will start in Stepantsminda and follow the Black Aragvi river through the Sno valley to reach Juta Gorge. From there, we will embark on a 6.5 km hiking trail through the valley to the rocky Chaukhi massif, surrounded by untouched natural landscapes.
The jeep will take us to the village of Juta, located on the border between Khevi and Khevsureti, about 20 km from Stepantsminda. It is the highest settlement in Kazbegi (about 2160m) and is located on the southern slope of the Main Caucasus Ridge in the Juta River Gorge (Snostskhali - a right tributary of the Terek River). The ascent to the foot of Chaukhi is not too steep, making the route a leisurely hike, but proper footwear is necessary. This is an exciting and colorful walk with a moderate level of physical exertion.
This route is not included in typical excursion programs, ensuring an intimate experience with nature. The wall of the Chaukhi massif is visible from the beginning of the trail, which runs along a glacial river against the backdrop of alpine meadows that are silvered with threads of mineral springs. Along the way, we will encounter a waterfall. You will come into contact with the pristine wilderness in all its glory. Due to the region's climate, the route is available from late May to early November. The massif's height is 3800m, and at the foot lies a moraine of unusual shape - a pile of stones left by a now non-existent glacier. The stones exude mystique and legends, and a hidden mystery can be felt within them. It is difficult to convey the emotions of walking through Juta Gorge; you need to be there, surrender to nature, and try to feel the beauty of this vast expanse.