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Georgia is the country of wonders and surprises, full of legends, original culture and long history which Georgian people passed down to their offsprings and is preserved carefully in ancient monasteries, in the rural mountainous villages or simply in national dishes. Georgia - it is a real treasure of nature. Such a small territory contains huge mountains with their icy peaks and also there are green valleys. It is a country of contrasts. You can find here magnificent glaciers, noisy rivers, dazzling waterfalls and not even fully studied caves. Here we have emerald color sea and even deserts. You can manage to do unimaginable variety of things during only one day. For example: in the morning you can ski and in the evening it is possible to relax on the sunny beach. If you get tired of shiny , hot weather , you can shelter in the cool glacier. You can begin a day with aromatic spices in Kutaisi bazar and end a day in Kakheti in the one of the best wineries to degustate the most delicious wine in the world. The diversity of Georgian cuisine and traditional toasts will arise your wish to make time stopped and last the moment forever. After visiting Georgia you will get used to such words as “chakapuli” and “pkhali”. You will be able to diferentiate between Imeretian and Adjarian Khatchapuri, Mukuzani and Khvanchkara wine. It is impossible not to be satisfied after visiting Georgia, reality is greater than you can expect. Sunny Adjara, old Mtskheta, Alazani valley, Martvili canyons, magnificent Ushba and glaciers, traditional Svaneti and proud Khevsureti will definitely charm you and it will stay in your heart forever